“The power of the therapy is the therapeutic relationship”


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CBT therapy and counselling

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I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to overcome their issues if they are ready, and have the right support at the right time.

Are you experiencing difficulties with relationships, sexuality, depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, anger, low self-esteem, and work-related problems? Come, together we will create a safe and supportive environment where you and I won’t feel judged.

Collaboratively, we will explore your difficulties in order to help you find the roots that cause the problem. I use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to explore the origin of unhealthy thoughts in order to help you to develop a new way of thinking.
Also, I use an integrative approach to counselling including Person-centred (PCT) and Psychodynamic to assist individuals in overcoming their issues.

I support one-to-one adults and older adolescents in person, online and on phone and offer therapy in English and French.

I offer short-term therapy: typically 6 or 12 sessions and open-ended/long-term (depth work) interventions.

You can contact me for a free assessment.

About me

I'm Rose

I am a passionate, affectionate and empathetic qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Integrative Counsellor and holder of Masters Degree in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from Goldsmiths University, with over 10 years of experience working within the caring professions. This includes supporting young people, families, and adults within social care. 

Prior to training as a counsellor and a therapist in (CBT), I also have a professional background in Health and Social Care where I have supported those who suffer with emotional, social and mental health difficulties.

More recently, I joined a mindfulness class to connect my mind and my body with the people I am passionate to work with.


The CBT treatment plan overview

The aim of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is to support you to improve your quality of life by learning techniques.

These techniques will help you manage your symptoms better and become your own therapist.

The treatment plan involves 6 stages:

Initial Assessment (3 sessions)

  • Getting to know the client better
  • Understanding the root cause of the problem
  • Exploring factors that contributed to the problem
  • Identifying goals for the treatment

Learning and understanding your problem

  • Model of CBT according to the client’s problem
  • Explore the rationale of the treatment
  • Homework
  • Setting agenda

Treatment (4  to 9 sessions)

  • Behaviour changes & Thought re-training
  • CBT Techniques according to the mental health

Relapse plan

  • Self management
  • Explore and reinforce tools
  • Preparation to discharge
  • Review goals

3 month follow-up (2 sessions)

  • Checking progress
  • Review progress


Our Happy Clients

I feel so grateful to have known Ms Matadi she enables me to feel safe enough to discuss any worry I have and open myself to someone else without worry of judgment or negativity. I can seek advice and support from someone who shows interest in my wellbeing, sympathy and acknowledgement that my thoughts are valid and sane.
Suzana M.
It helped me focus and resolve my problems. At the end of my 6 sessions I felt so much more in control of my worries. I have gained weight and most important I am sleeping through the night. As Rose said” We are here to give you the tools to help yourself”. Now I feel I definitely have the tools, thanks.
Ian D.
My experience was very helpful, Rose has been very supportive and listened to me at all times. I think Rose is a great therapist and if in the future I needed counselling again, I would 100% like to see her.
Emily F.
I really enjoyed my sessions with my therapist she has helped me to talk through thoughts I will use the tools she has given me with confidence.
David G.

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