What is an Anger Management problems?

Anger is an emotion, such as fear, sadness and emotion of anxiety, therefore, anger is part of life. Anger is part of our fight and flight response, which keeps us alive. Therefore, anger is a physical response to a treat. However, when anger is not to control it can cause significant negative consequences. Anger management problem is caused by the way in which we interpret, think and believe about the event. If we think and believe that the event is a treat then we start to have angry thoughts, such as my needs are being transgressed, people are taking advantage of me. Then, we start to engage in aggressive behaviour.

Symptoms you have noticed or people have noticed.


  • Irritated (medium to strong)
  • Frustrated (medium to strong)
  • Annoyed (medium to strong)


  • Slam doors,
  • Breaking or throw things,
  • Hit people

Body response

  • Muscle tensions
  • Fast breathing
  • Heart pounding

For more in formation see NHS, DSM-V and NICE guideline

How I can help?

My work is to help you gain skills that would allow you to develop a new way of thinking in order to increase yourself awareness in regard to your anger management problems.

This technique will help you not only to be able to identify thoughts that have leaded you to feel that situation is treating you, also to think or reflect on the reasons for you to feel treated by the situation. But, also, to be able to identify the type of the situation that you think is appropriate to fight rather than flight.

These tools will help the person with anger management problems to be able to express their opinions/needs and to reach a compromise without engaging in aggressive behaviour.

The rationale of technique is that in CBT and with evidence based, we believe that our thoughts have an impact on our feelings, behaviour and the body response. Therefore, if we change one of these elements we will necessary change the four of others elements.

Help with thoughts

In order to help you change your unhealthy thoughts I will use cognitive restructuring intervention such as the anger management thought record.

Its aims is to help you identity:

  • The situation that creates emotion of anger
  • The thoughts that went in your mind at that time
  • The feelings that thoughts have generated
  • How did you react and your body response. 
  • This tool will help you to make a link between these 5 elements and learn how to work on them.

Help with the Behaviour

In order to help with the behaviour, I will use Behaviour Experiments (BE) technique. Its purpose is to test your believe in order to help you to reduce your unhealthy safety behaviour and to adopt more healthy behaviour.


The most important part of anger management problems is to learn a new way of interpreting events and expressing opinions and needs with assertiveness communication, also listening others views. Anger is related to depression, anxiety and trauma.

If this information is related to you, please, feel free to contact me by phone 07884778541 or email contact@therapybyrose.co.uk for help.

I am based in south East London, New cross area.

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