What is Depression?

Depression is the term used to identify a set of symptoms in which the depressive person experiences feelings of sadness or loss for an extended period of time. The depressive individual will experience some changes in 5 areas:

In their way of thinking, they may start to have more negative thoughts about themselves, their situation and/or about others.

In their feelings, they may feel like they have been caught up in these patterns of negative thinking.

In their behaviour, they may not find any more pleasure or meaning in activities they used to enjoy. Also, they may start to avoid people or situations due to how they feel. In their body responses, they may struggle to sleep or with appetite.

Symptoms you have noticed or people have noticed.


  • Sadness
  • Lonely
  • Upset


  • Avoidance,
  • Withdraw,
  • Reduced in activities

Body response

  • Sleep patterns issues
  • Appetite issues

For more in formation see NHS, DSM-V and NICE guideline

How I can help?

My work is to help you gain skills that would allow you to develop a new way of thinking.

I will use cognitive restricting technique in order to learn tools to identify your negative thoughts, what triggers them and to what emotions they are linked to.

This learning process will help you develop skills in order to evaluate your thoughts and change them.

Also, you will learn technique such as S.M.A.R.T goal, and goals setting in order to achieve goals.

The rationale of this technique is that in CBT and with evidence based, we believe that our thoughts have an impact on our feelings, behaviour and the body response. Therefore, if we change one of these elements we will necessary change the four of others elements.

Help with thoughts

In order to help you change your unhealthy thoughts I will use cognitive restructuring intervention such as the daily record thought.  

Its aims is to help you identity:

  • The situation that creates emotion of depression
  • The thoughts that went in your mind at that time
  • The feelings that thoughts have generated
  • How did you react and your body response. 
  • This tool will help you to make a link between these 5 elements and learn how to work on them.

Help with the Behaviour

In order to help with the behaviour, I will use behaviour activation for depression in order to address the reduced and the lack of positive activities. Together, we will choose, record and scheduling activities in terms of how much pleasure they give and how much of a sense of mastery.


CBT for depression treatment will help you understand the roots of your depression, learn tools in order to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

If this information is related to you, please, feel free to contact me by phone 07884778541 or email contact@therapybyrose.co.uk for help.

I am based in south East London, New cross area.

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