What is Genaralised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

Genaralised Anxiety Disorder

GAD is a long, diffused, constant and chronic worry about everything and nothing.
GAD is mentally and physically exhausting due to its impact on the individual daily life.
GAD affects individuals’ ability to enjoy life at its potential.

Symptoms you have noticed or people have noticed.


  • Persistent worries about everything
  • Intrusive and unwanted thoughts
  • Difficulty to manage uncertainty
  • Feeling of uncontrollable anxiety


  • Withdraw or isolated yourself from a situation that creates anxiety
  • Difficulty to relax and concentrating
  • Avoiding doing things because you feel overwhelmed

Body response

  • Muscle tensions
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Stomach pain

For more information see NHS, DSM-V and NICE guideline

How I can help?

My work is to help you gain skills that would allow you to develop a new way of thinking in order not only to reduce the level of anxiety but also, improve your quality of life.

In CBT and with evidence-based, we believe that our thoughts have an impact on our feelings, behaviour and body response. Therefore, if we change our thoughts we will necessarily change our behaviour and our body response.

Help with thoughts

  • In order to help you change your thoughts, I will use cognitive restructuring intervention. It aims to help you identify:
  • The situation that creates anxiety
  • The thoughts that went in your mind at that time
  • The feelings that thoughts have generated
  • How did you react and your body response? 

Help with the Behaviour

In order to help with the behaviour, I will use Behaviour Experiments (BE) technique. Its purpose is to help you to reduce your safety behaviour and to adopt more healthy behaviour.


It is possible to treat GAD with therapy or a combination of medicines such as  Buspirone, Benzodiazepines and antidepressants.

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I am based in South East London, New cross area.

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